Dashed Hopes

Dashed hopes It is well known that thousands of people have many millions of pounds sat in lost, misplaced and unclaimed pension pots.  Therefore, it seems a bit daft that what many of us in the pensions industry regarded as a great idea – the Pensions Dashboard – may be ditched. The new welfare secretary… Continue reading Dashed Hopes

It’s a boy!

It’s a boy! Our sincere congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their third child, a bouncing baby boy. Baby Cambridge is one of around 2,200 babies that are born in the UK every day and while that may sound quite a lot, according to the Office of National Statistics… Continue reading It’s a boy!

Are pensions valued as an employee benefit?

Are pensions valued as an employee benefit, both by staff and by employers as a recruitment and retention tool? Pensions are often talked about as a requirement under the 3 Rs, Recruitment, Retention and Reward, but in reality are they a suitable tool to aid in these areas? Well there are obviously two different perspectives… Continue reading Are pensions valued as an employee benefit?